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Products & Spare Parts

My product isn't working as it should. Who do I speak to?

A: You can contact the original store of purchase to check the availability of spare parts. If they do not have them available and are not able to order them in, you can check with your nearest stockist. You can find your nearest stockist by visiting  

My tank is leaking, what are my options?

What lumen values are in Aqua One light units?

What lumen values are in Aqua One light units?

Register Your Product:

How do I register my Aqua One product?

A: You can register your product by going to

By registering your product, you verify ownership of your Aqua One product, and register your guarantee. The standard guarantee period commences from the date of purchase.

The benefits given to the purchaser by the manufacturers guarantee are in addition to all other rights and remedies which the purchaser has in respect of the equipment under the legislation of the appropriate country of purchase.

Replacement & Warranty:

How can I receive a replacement under warranty?

A: Please ensure you read the terms of warranty carefully.

As per your manufacturers' warranty, all claims for repair or replacement must be made at the original store of purchase with your proof of purchase. A replacement will only be issued if the product is unable to be repaired.

I have lost my receipt; can I still claim my warranty?

Instruction Manual:

The instructions aren't clear, who can I speak to?

A: Your retailer can help and guide you through the instructions. If they are unable to assist you, you can contact our customer care team via our enquiry form

Where can I find a copy of the instruction manual?

Purchase Aqua One's Products:

Can I buy directly from Aqua One?

A: Aqua One products are available Australia wide. To find your nearest retailer please visit our website

I saw a product that I would like to purchase, but my local Aqua One retailer doesn't stock it, what are my options?

Why don't you have prices on your website?

Where can I buy your products?


Where can I forward my feedback?

A: Kong‘s Australia is an Australian owned company and a wholesaler/ distributor and developer of quality, value for money products to care for your aquatic pets. At Kong's we know that your aquatic pets are members of your family, as they are in ours. The company aims to continue to be a leader in the aquarium industry and is continually searching for ways to improve its products and expand its range. Your feedback is fundamental to our company and we welcome all feedback. You can contact our customer care team via our enquiry form.

Aquarium & Fish Keeping Helpful Hints and Tips:

I am about to purchase my first aquarium and fish, is there some information on what I need to get started and what I need to purchase.

A: Whether you are new to keeping fish or upgrading your aquarium, Fish Academy aims to provide you with all necessary information to point you in the right direction. Helpful hints and tips are provided throughout Fish Academy with our ‘Fish for Thought' Mascot' Professor Dorothy Finn. With a wide range of content, you are sure to find the answer you are looking for. Visit us today at

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