Betta Health Conditioning Tablets

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It is critical to maintaining the health of your Betta fish to ensure a happy and long lifespan of your little ‘fighter’.

Betta AAA Tablets are specially formulated to prevent the build-up of ammonia and acid in the water. Once the tablet is placed in the bowl, it has a slow release of minerals which helps stabilise the pH of the water.

This will keep your Betta beautifully vibrant and happy as a reward to you for excellent Betta fish

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy, hassle-free way to stabilise pH in your Betta tank
  • Contains all essential minerals to keep your Betta happy and healthy
  • Dosage: Use one tablet per 2 litres of water. This product cannot overdose.

Specifications: 6 Tablets

Suitable For: Betta

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