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Aqua One ReefSkim Protein Skimmers are designedAqua One ReefSkim Protein Skimmers are designedto easily and effectively remove organic waste fromaquarium water. The needle wheel impeller increasesthe contact area maximising efficiency. Simple,accurate control allows you to adjust the outputquickly and easily. The result is cleaner, clearer waterand healthier aquarium inhabitants.

Features & Benefits:

  • Needle wheel impeller reduces the bubble size
  • Needle wheel impeller reduces the bubble sizewhich creates higher surface area for collectionof organic waste
  • Energy efficient with lower power consumption
  • Effectively removes organic waste
  • Easy and accurate flow adjustment
  • Small footprint leaving plenty of room for otherequipment in the sump
  • • Integrated skimmate drain allowing you to drainwaste directly into a separate container
  • • Available in 2 sizes

Spare Parts:

  • 25170I impeller set 170i - REEFSKIM 300
  • 25170I impeller set 170i - REEFSKIM 300
  • 25171i impeller set 171i - REEFSKIM 600
  • 50037-p replacement pump 800lh - REEFSKIM 300
  • 50038-p replacement pump 1400lh - REEFSKIM 600
  • 50037-s ceramic impeller shaft for 800lh pump - REEFSKIM 300
  • 50037-ss screw set 4pk - REEFSKIM 300 600 1000
  • 50038-t transformer - REEFSKIM 600


Available in different sizes

  • 50037 - Reefskim 300 Protein Skimmer 800Lh Up To 300L Tank - 17L x 15D x 37.5cm H  - 800L/hr, 25W
  • 50038 - Reefskim 600 Protein Skimmer 1400Lh Up To 600L Tank - 28L x 24D x 55cm H  - 1400L/hr, 30W

Suitable for: Marine


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